5 Key Benefits of Mobile Application Management App Protection

by SOHO Solutions, Inc.

5 Key Benefits of Mobile Application Management App Protection

by SOHO Solutions, Inc.

by SOHO Solutions, Inc.

Few things can change the business environment as fast as the coronavirus pandemic has. Before Covid-19, 47% of the U.S. workforce had never worked from home, according to Statista. As of April 2021, 44% now work from home 5+ days per week. That’s a radical increase in the number of people telecommuting, and companies need to pay serious attention to the security of their systems and data under the circumstances. When employees are using personal mobile devices to access company networks, it’s imperative to have proper protection such as mobile application management in place.

Mobile Application Management

A mobile application management program like Microsoft’s Endpoint Manager (which includes the former Intune cloud service) is the gold standard in-app protection. The new, unified product offers companies many benefits, including these top 5.

Benefit #1: Widespread Compatibility

Today’s users don’t wait for their IT department to give them the applications they need. They download whatever apps they want for file sharing, communication, and other work-related functions. This makes it imperative to have protection for a wide range of apps.

Most of the Microsoft apps are compatible with Intune, including One Note, Microsoft 365, Edge, Yammer, SharePoint, Power BI, Skype, Stream, and Whiteboard. Additionally, productivity apps commonly used with Intune include:

  • Acrobat Reader
  • Box Cloud Storage
  • Cisco Jabber
  • Fuze Mobile
  • Lexmark Mobile Print
  • Tableau, and
  • Zoom.

Intune is also compatible with several unified endpoint management solutions (UEM). The extensive list of supported apps means customers can enjoy a robust MAM solution that talks to the most commonly used software. Click here for a complete list of compatible apps.

Benefit #2: Secure Data Encryption

Data security is paramount these days, with multiple companies having experienced data leaks and security breaches in the past decade. MAM ensures that your data is securely encrypted, which provides an additional layer of security for your company. Even if bad actors manage to access your systems, data encryption makes it doubly challenging for them to use or sell information about your finances, your customers, or your intellectual property. MAM doesn’t require management of devices but is based on user identity, which enables you to protect company data on any device.

Benefit #3: Remote Wiping Capability

The remote wipe feature allows companies to erase the data on a lost or stolen mobile device. Once this feature is enabled, Microsoft Endpoint Manager can remotely wipe only corporate data, leaving personal data untouched. In the case of an employee exit, this makes it easy to remove the mobile owner’s access to company information without the risk of a lawsuit because they lost personal data. This is an essential function in any mobile strategy, especially for companies that allow workers to follow a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practice.

Benefit #4: Data Leak Prevention

For companies that give users access to their data, it’s vital to manage how your employees use and share it without risking data leaks. Microsoft’s Intune allows organizations to give users secure access to corporate apps, files, and other resources from anywhere, on practically any device.

App protection policies allow you to ensure the safety of your corporate data, even on employee-owned devices not enrolled in the service. Companies can determine what information can be saved, viewed, cut, or copied and pasted, without touching the device owner’s personal data.

Benefit #5: Safe BYOD

“Bring Your Own Device” is the growing trend for employees to use their personal devices for work purposes. The concept includes laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other items, and it has multiple pros and cons for companies. These include:

  • Reduced hardware and software costs for employee equipment
  • Increased efficiency and productivity through lower learning curves
  • Better flexibility and increased workforce mobility
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction by being able to choose their preferred device options

These principles only apply, however, in the presence of robust security, which can be difficult to manage when employees use unauthorized software and apps. With a MAM like Intune, however, employers can maintain control over the encryption and safe access to company information. They can remotely wipe all corporate data from a device if it is lost, stolen or the owner leaves their employ. This ability makes personal devices as safe as company-owned devices, without the cost and inconvenience of managing them.

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