10 Tech Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Keeping your computer systems and company website up and running is crucial when you own a small business. Both profits and productivity suffer when your customers can’t reach your website, or your employees can’t access your database due to an outage. If you’ve been managing your systems and network yourself, you may be unwittingly making errors that can affect your success. Luckily, making use of an experienced small business IT consultant can help you avoid these 10 common tech mistakes.

Ineffective Virus and Spyware Protection

Do you remember the I Love You virus? In 2009, it infected 45 million computers around the world causing billions of dollars of damage. Computer users intrigued by an email attachment titled “I love you,” soon regretted that mouse click. Once unleashed, the virus wiped out data and forced the shutdown of corporate email systems.

Cyber criminals have only gotten craftier since releasing the I Love You virus. If you don’t regularly update your virus, malware and spyware protection, you’ll put your business at risk.

Poor Training

Poorly trained employees can damage your expensive IT systems. Even if your employees don’t cause any problems, efficiency suffers when they don’t understand the functions and intricacies of your software.

Backup Problems

Do you regularly backup your data using an automated system, or are regular backups something you’ve been meaning to initiate, once you find the time? If you don’t backup your data regularly, or you back up the wrong type of data, it will be incredibly challenging to recover from a system crash.

Winging It

Plenty of things can and will go wrong when your business relies on technology. Every time they do, you’ll waste valuable time pouring over manuals and searching website forums for a solution to your problems. Hiring a small business IT consultant who can quickly identify and fix issues will minimize disruptions to your business.

Outdated Hardware and Software

How long has it been since you updated your hardware and software? Technology changes rapidly. In fact, the equipment and programs you purchased five years ago are probably already out-of-date and inefficient.

No Disaster Recovery Plan

Nobody likes to think about the bad things that can happen in life, but failing to create an IT disaster recovery plan can make bad times even worse. A good disaster recovery plan allows you to get back to business quickly after a flood, fire, hacking attack or other incident.

Insufficient Power Surge Protection

The power surge protectors available at office supply stores might not fully protect your expensive computer equipment in the event of a power surge. Your small business IT consultant can recommend more effective options, such as battery backups that feature surge suppressors, uninterruptible power supplies and heavy-duty surge suppressors connected to your main electrical panel.

Weak Security Measures

Data breaches that expose sensitive customer data can be costly, as Home Depot discovered. A 2014 breach cost the company $19.5 million dollars. Although Home Depot is large enough to absorb the cost of reimbursing customers whose information was stolen, your business may not be able to survive a similar breach. Using the most sophisticated security system you can afford will help protect your company from attacks.

Smartphone Vulnerabilities

Cyber criminals are just as adept at hacking smartphones as they are at violating your other systems. If your employees regularly use their smartphones to do business, make sure the phones are equipped with strong passwords and secure operating systems.

Penny Pinching

Cost cutting can actually be very expensive if you take it too far. Failing to buy new equipment when you need it or neglecting regular software updates can cause glitches and slowdowns that frustrate your employees and customers alike. Unfortunately, if it’s too difficult to work with your company, customers will search for a business that offers a much better experience.

Don’t let these common tech  mistakes ruin your business. Contact our small business IT consultants to find out how we can help you manage and protect your IT systems.


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