Case Study: Conference Room Solutions

Modernize the workplace using conference room solutions that are simple, easy, and wireless:

Eliminate wasted time and unproductive meetings.

A prominent New York City marketing agency moved office and wanted to have friendly conference rooms conducive to hybrid meetings that mixed Work From Home (WFH) participants with onsite staff. Most of their equipment did not support the use of conferencing technology and staff had to run long cables and use their built-in laptop cameras and microphones. This led to fragmented, technically challenging conferences.

SOHO wanted to give this team an updated conference room experience with agnostic hardware to support the ability to share from virtually any device as well as an easy-to-use enterprise video conferencing solution. We implemented our complete conferencing solution, powered by Barco CX line and Logitech conference cameras and microphones. All staff can now connect wirelessly, in seconds, to the conference system with their laptops eliminating time spent struggling with AV cables and equipment. Meetings are efficient and productive now that everyone can see and hear each other without interruption.
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