Case Study: Disaster Recovery

Scalable, reliable Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) with advanced write-back technology:

Eliminate downtime and performance issues when disaster strikes.

A chief competitive research firm in New York City needed a disaster recovery solution for their client facing servers. In their existing solution the downtime required to failover could take up to 24 hours and several calls with their vendor to sort out post failover performance issues. Failover also required manual intervention with no automation support. What they needed was to migrate their disaster recovery to a solution that supported 1-to-1 VM resource requirements and the ability to automatically failover in the event of a disaster. Writeback during extended failover times are a requirement for production edits to be written back once the host or issue causing the failover is remedied.

SOHO compared options for the firm and determined that Azure Site Recovery provided the best solution to the problem. We migrated all mission critical servers to Azure Site Recovery after performing extensive testing. Azure Site Recovery provided a cost effective but reliable replication and failover system so that the client’s key servers could be spun up quickly. Additional automations were implemented to support automatic failover and DNS changes.
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