Case Study: Keep Sensitive Data in the Office

Preventing sensitive data from being shared outside the organization:

Offer enhanced security and data loss protocols in your proposals and win more clients.

A prominent corporation in the entertainment industry in New York City needed to secure important client information such as Personal Identifiable Information (PII), trade secrets, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and more. These files were on an unmanaged, shared cloud platform with company-wide access.

SOHO wanted to improve the company’s security posture, prevent data loss, and provide a secure place for employees to collaborate on company assets according to assigned access levels. To accomplish this SOHO successfully migrated the company data to Microsoft SharePoint and implemented Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies to stop sensitive information from inadvertently leaking outside the organization (credit card or social security numbers, health information etc.) This allowed the company to meet the compliance and security requirements of their clients and win more contracts. It also allowed for better collaboration with modern file versioning and roll back features.