Why You Need Quarterly Network Performance Reporting

Wondering your small business would benefit from quarterly network performance reporting? Learn how managed services monitoring can help you.

Do you hate surprises, especially costly ones? Quarterly network performance reporting will help you ensure that you have plenty of warning about potential issues that could affect your computer systems, servers and websites. Managed services monitoring not only helps you identify problems that could cause downtime, but also gives you the information you need to optimize your systems.

What Does a Quarterly Network Performance Report Include?

Your report will include a complete review of events and system performance during the last three months, such as:

  • Alerts
  • Outages
  • Site performance
  • Work completed on the system
  • The health of your servers and websites
  • Patches applied
  • Performance details for websites, systems and devices
  • Asset inventory and evaluation
  • Firewall availability
  • Information on completed backups and backup failures

Benefits of Quarterly Network Performance Reporting

Network performance reports aren’t just important for big companies. In fact, if you’re a small business owner, quarterly reports are essential to the health of your business. Without up-to-date information on the status of your systems, servers, software and hardware, you might face outages that could significantly decrease your profits. Advantages of quarterly network performance reporting include:

  • Identification of Trends: Many times, problems that seem to be isolated at first glance, really aren’t. When your system is monitored round-the-clock, it’s easier to spot trends that may indicate a problem with your software or system, such as too many failed backups.
  • Fewer Outages or Slowdowns: In many cases, major outages or slowdowns can be prevented if you have information that helps you identify the cause of the problem. Thanks to your network monitoring performance report, you’ll know if any of your systems aren’t running efficiently, disk space is low or you’re at risk of an outage due to failing hardware.
  • Better Security: Information on breaches and attempted intrusions keeps your systems and websites more secure. The more you know about the devious methods hackers use to try to access your systems, the better your managed services monitoring will be able to equip your system with security measures to repel their attacks.
  • Improved Bottom Line: Even a few hours of downtime can affect your company’s financial health. The most recent research indicates that downtime costs companies an average of $7,900 per minute. The figure is so high because it includes information from very large companies, but even if your outage only costs you $100 per minute, that’s a significant hit to your budget. When you take advantage of quarterly network performance reports, you’ll be able to avoid potentially devastating downtime and slowdowns.
  • Less Stress: Remember all the fun you had the last time something went wrong with your network? Although some people thrive on drama and disruptions, the rest of us would do anything to avoid stressful situations. Quarterly network monitoring reports reduce your stress level by giving you the information you need to take preemptive action before anything bad can happen.

At SOHO Solutions, our job is to make your job easier. With our managed network monitoring services and quarterly network performance reporting, you’ll avoid many of the problems that can spell disaster for small businesses. Contact us to learn how we can tailor a support plan that will help you keep your systems and websites up and running.

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