IT Support Services in New York City

Stabilize your IT systems, reduce your risk, and get a good night's sleep​

Bring security, stability, predictability, and reliability to your technology environment.

Managed Services

Change How You Do Business

Peace of mind

Keep your technology and data protected against viruses, hackers, ransomware, and other attacks with layered security.

Business continuity

Ensure your critical information is always available in the event of equipment failure, emergencies, or disasters with data protection.

A protective approach

Potential problems get spotted and addressed sooner with continuous monitoring, providing an IT environment that delivers a strong return on your technology investments.

Cost control

Make your IT budgeting easier and more predictable with pricing matched to your business needs.

Enhanced performance

Stay ahead of your competition with reliable, high-performing technology and expert advice.

SOHO Information technology

Our Services

IT Managed Services

IT Support Services

Stabilize your IT systems, reduce your risk, and get a good night's sleep​

IT Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Build flexible Microsoft Azure and 365 systems without huge setup costs

IT Strategy

IT Strategy

Align business objectives with IT initiatives and grow in the right direction​

Cybersecurity Services

Fill in the gaps on your security and compliance checklist

Unified Office Communications

Unified Communications

Seamless communication, no matter how distributed your team is

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

Network stability is the key to a good quarter, year and beyond