IT Support Services

Stabilize your IT systems, reduce your risk, and get a good night's sleep​

Regain your Time​

Do the Job You Were Originally Hired For

Your technology is the engine of your business and the team can’t do their jobs without it. But routine support requests can prevent you (or the most tech savvy staffer) from doing their jobs effectively. Let SOHO Solutions:
  • Onboard new employees so they can start with all the tools they need to succeed
  • Manage the software licensing and support agreements from all your tech vendors
  • Procure the right hardware you need and ensure it is setup securely
  • Resolve all of the IT issues, problems and hiccups that can impact productivity
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IT data protection

Stay Efficient

Maintain operational efficiency and organization​

Ad-hoc IT processes can be a time-suck at best and a potential security risk at worst. SOHO Solutions will standardize the recurring tasks and processes so you recoup time and ensure the job is done effectively every time.
  • Permissions Management to ensure the employees have access to what they need (and that they cannot access data they don’t need)
  • Device and Application Inventory Management so you know what you have and who is using it
  • Security Patch Management
  • Antivirus Management and Monitoring
  • Secure Password and Documentation Management

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Stay Secure

Protect Your Data and Business

Disaster recovery planning and backing up critical data are often overlooked or put off until it is too late. With our Support Services, we protect critical data and applications to minimize downtime from a disaster, natural or man-made:

  • Backup critical data to remote sites
  • Build redundancy into customer-facing servers
  • Protect against security threats, ransomware and insider threats
  • Monitor and test backup systems on a regular basis so you have the confidence to recover from any disaster

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IT Network Infrastructure

Stay Smart - With IT Support Services

Strategic planning and management to optimize and grow your entire network

Look at the big picture of your network and get it running like a top and ready for the expansion plans of your business. Let us tame your network.
  • Quarterly strategy sessions to nail your roadmap
  • Service level agreement reporting so you know how we are doing
  • Storage and performance reporting to ensure you are maximizing your IT investment

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Included with every package

The Freedom to Innovate

All of our services come with SOHO signature support to give you confidence in your system performance. 

  • The ability to create custom packages that span all of our services.
  • Unlimited access to tech support.
  • Service Level Agreements you can count on.
  • Monthly reporting.
  • Healthy ROI.
  • Friendly people who love what they do.

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