Making the Business Case for Layered Security

Layered IT security gives you more options for protecting your network against cyber criminals.

Cybercriminals are getting craftier these days. Although IT specialists have developed sophisticated methods to block attacks, hackers continue to create increasingly devious ways to get around firewalls and intrusion protection systems. More than 80 percent of firms report that they’ve been hacked, according to a Duke University survey. One or two systems are no longer enough to deter intruders. Luckily, layered IT security makes it more difficult for criminals to succeed in their hacking attempts.

Why is Layered Security So Important?

Imagine if you lived in a high-crime area in a major city and only had one lock on your door. Once a thief found a way to bypass or pick the lock, stealing your valuables would be easy. It would be much more difficult for him or her to break into your home if you added multiple types of locks on your door, plus different types of locks or intrusion prevention systems on your windows. Even if he or she did happen to find a way to pick one or two of the locks, the others would prevent him or her from entering your apartment.

The same principle applies to IT security. Adding layers ensures that even if a hacker takes advantage of a backdoor or flaw in one IT security system, the other systems will slow down the attack or prevent him or her from accessing vital systems and information.

These cybercriminals can do considerable damage to your company. In addition to unleashing destructive viruses and malware and stealing sensitive data, their attacks can reduce staff productivity and create an environment in which it’s impossible to make sales and serve your customers. Layered IT security offers the ideal way to ensure that you don’t become a victim of cybercrime.

What Types of Systems Can Be Used in Layered Security?

Successful layered IT security systems use a variety of defensive measures, such as:

  • Firewalls
  • Antivirus Programs
  • Encryption Tools
  • Malware Scanners
  • Intrusion Detection Programs

Layered Security Systems Buy Extra Time

Let’s say that a thief managed to break through the first lock on your door and was working on picking the second one. If you had an alarm on the first lock, you would receive a notification that a break-in was in progress and could immediately call the police. Ideally, they’d arrive within minutes and stop the attack in progress.

With layered IT security, an intruder may be able to breach one aspect of your security system, but he or she won’t necessarily get any further. As soon as you detect an intrusion in one system, you can immediately take steps to block the cyber thief before any real damage can be done.

Integration of Layers is Crucial

When you only use one or two security layers, integration is simple. The more layers you add, the more likely it is that conflicts will occur between systems that can affect integration. Unfortunately, without successful integration, your security efforts could be compromised.

When your system is complex, it makes sense to work with an IT consulting firm with extensive experience in layered security like SOHO Solutions. We’ll help you devise an effective system to fully protect your network and ensure that layers don’t conflict with each other. We’ll advise you on the best products to purchase so that you don’t unwittingly buy more protection than you actually need.

Layered IT security is a must, no matter how large or small your company. If you’re concerned about the strength of your security system, get in touch with us. We’ll create a powerful layered system that will help protect you from the thief at the door.

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