Connect Your People
Strengthen Your Business


Connect Your People
Strengthen Your Business

by SOHO Solutions, Inc.
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SOHO Solutions offers you three levels of IT maintenance, tailored to your needs, each with a fixed monthly fee to help you manage your IT budget.

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To be successful, we believe that forward-thinking organizations must embed sustainable principles in the core of their strategy, operations and culture.


Whether you’re moving to an entirely new space or renovating your current office, SOHO Solutions can make a relocation smoother than you ever thought possible.


With our IT Preventive Maintenance Plan, you will receive the 24×7 network monitoring  plus remote and on-site maintenance by our technicians.


SOHO Solutions has a team of graphic designers, web developers and copywriters to help you build a website the way you want to drive new clients to you.


A top-notch cabling system effortlessly handles local area networks, wide area networks, Internet and Intranet services, cameras, fire alarms, phone systems and other essentials.


Whether you are planning a complete move to the Cloud or a hybrid integration with your on-premise environment, SOHO Solutions can help you make the right choices.