Connect Your People
Even if Disaster Strikes

Connect Your People
Even if Disaster Strikes

by SOHO Solutions, Inc.
Local backups protect against hardware failure, viruses, and human error but a will not keep your business going in the event of a major physical disaster like fire or flooding. A Cloud-based disaster recovery site can have your business back online in no time.

Protect Against the Worst-Case Scenario

Local backups are sufficient to recover from most common disasters, but a site-wide disaster can be the difference between business continuity and business failure. In today’s volatile, fast-paced technology landscape, organizations must have the ability to recreate themselves quickly and reliably should disaster strike their site or internal systems. Unfortunately, many organizations still do not have an offsite DR plan in place.

Offsite Backups

So what does offsite disaster recovery really mean, and why is it so important? Many organizations have an onsite backup plan already in place. They take regularly scheduled backups and store those backups in a secure data location at their facilities where they can quickly recover their data. But if a flood, fire, earthquake, or any type of another unimaginable disaster should strike the business site, a local backup strategy most likely won’t help.

How We Can Help

SOHO Solutions provides a highly customizable disaster recovery cloud that we manage, monitor and test for your company. We can tailor your coverage to meet your unique recovery and budget requirements while enjoying access to data anytime, anywhere, with instant failover in a cloud built specifically for disaster recovery.  Choose from three Service Levels tailored to fit your needs. Whichever method is right for you, the important thing is protecting and securing your backups offsite, and having the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business is safe and secure should a more catastrophic type of disaster occur.

Backup Multiple Times Per Day

Regularly Scheduled Failover Testing

Restore and Recover When Needed