Infrastructure Relocation

Planning an Office Move - an IT Perspective

Infrastructure Relocation

Planning an Office Move - an IT Perspective

by SOHO Solutions, Inc.

Let Our Experts Handle the Process

Moving your entire IT infrastructure can be a nightmare – especially if you don’t have a comprehensive plan. Whether you’re moving to an entirely new space or renovating your current office, SOHO Solutions can make an IT infrastructure relocation smoother than you ever thought possible.


It Begins with a Plan

Back in the good old days, moving only involved packing up the typewriters and desks and unloading them in a new location. Employees were back at work with minimal down time once they unpacked their files. Today, that computer or printer won’t work if there’s no network connection.

Ideally, planning starts long before the first moving truck arrives. We can help you plan for your move by creating a map that shows where computers, printers, servers, alarm systems and other essentials will go. That plan will ensure that you install the necessary network drops and electrical connections before your move.

Chaos Reduction

We know just how crazy moving can be, particularly when you’re trying to keep your business up and running. We’ll handle the issues that are so important to the success of your move. Things like:

  • Working with vendors and contractors to create a plan that will allow installation of your new system with minimal disruption to your business.
  • Ensuring the contractors are completing work as specified.
  • Coordinating set up of your Internet service with the provider you choose.
  • Helping you arrange telephone service for your new location.
  • Supervising electricians to ensure that the site meets your requirements.
  • Finding a mover who will transport your expensive IT equipment with loving care. Any moving company won’t do. We know which companies have IT experience. We’ll also coordinate things with your furniture movers so we’re not in their way and they’re not in ours.
  • Creating a back-up of your system. We’ll test the back-up and make sure it’s complete and operational before we move it to your new site.
  • Running network cable.
  • Evaluating your site to make sure the IT layout meets best practice recommendations.
  • Inventorying IT equipment before and after the move. We’ll make sure that everything that leaves your old site makes it to the new place.
  • Scheduling the move during the night or weekend to minimize disruptions to your business and your employees.
  • Developing a Plan B – just in case.

We Keep You in the Loop

We’ll communicate with you regularly during the entire process – from planning through moving. If there’s a problem, you’ll be the first to know. Although we’ll probably already have a possible solution that we’ll want to run by you.

We’ve Been There Before

We’ve performed countless IT relocations. We know what can go wrong – and we’ll ensure that it doesn’t. When companies handle relocations on their own, typically several people handle different aspects of the move. And you know what can happen when there are too many people involved and not enough communication – very bad things for your IT system.

We’ll assign an experienced project manager to your job. He or she will develop plans, consult with your staff and contractors, listen to your concerns and do everything he can to make sure that the moving process is as stress-free and pleasant as possible.