Preventive Maintenance

Prevent Problems Before They Happen

Preventive Maintenance

Prevent Problems Before They Happen

by SOHO Solutions, Inc.

Network monitoring plus active maintenance and trends analysis.

Even more peace of mind

With our IT Preventive Maintenance Plan, you will receive the constant monitoring that comes with our basic Remote Network Monitoring Plan, plus remote and on-site preventive maintenance by our certified technicians. You get added protection against downtime, plus the optimal performance from your IT system.

Challenges can cause you to spend more than you planned. Find out how an IT maintenance plan and other measures can help you predict and contain costs.

This plan combines regularly scheduled network maintenance with trend analysis to predict network failures before they actually occur. Your network is analyzed 24/7 and receives monthly on-site preventive maintenance for a fixed monthly price. We also keep an eye on your printers and your toner and paper levels.

Cut operating costs and maintain employee productivity

Our SOHO Solutions technicians use state-of-the-art management tools to respond to alerts and remediate problems remotely, reducing the turnaround time to correct a problem. All of our maintenance plans have a guaranteed response time in acting on monitoring alerts or network failures. This is a great combination that keeps your employees productive by getting them back to work quicker.

What’s in a Maintenance Plan?

Check out a sample network maintenance checklist to see how SOHO Solutions keeps your network running at peak performance.

Our plans are designed for business

Business owners want IT service providers that can deliver better services more efficiently and help mitigate security risks at a more predictable cost.

IT maintenance plans provide management tools to remotely remediate incidents that impact overall IT performance. Notifications and reports are generated for specific incidents, devices and services to effectively manage your IT platform and identify any problems or needs.

We’ve been offering IT management services to New York City for 17 years. Our customers aren’t really interested in knowing which components make up their IT infrastructure but they are very concerned with how the system as a whole performs. SOHO Solutions IT maintenance plans are designed to have your system perform at its best at a predictable cost.

Key Benefits

Data backup checks are part of your IT Preventive Maintenance Plan and include backup/restore checking and daily monitoring for complete backups.

SOHO Solutions Network Preventive Maintenance Program includes:

  • Trend analysis and predictive failure monitoring
  • Monthly security updates for your servers and firewall
  • Printer, toner and paper level monitoring
  • 2 hour remote response
  • 4 hour on-site response
  • Reduced-price block-hour rates for additional IT support is also available