Unified Communications Services

Seamless communication, no matter how distributed your team is

Remote working arrangements are here to stay. Leverage workplace management software to help your teams hit their targets.

Is Your In-House IT Team Stretched Too Thin?

Download our guide to learn how partnering with an experienced IT services provider can revolutionize operations.

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Worried About Your Cybersecurity?

Learn how the CIS IG1 best practice standards provide a layered approach to cybersecurity.

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Strategically implement your SharePoint intranet to meet the specific needs of your organization.

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Ring Central

Design a customized plan to ensure a smooth transition to a powerful cloud phone system

  • Dedicated solutions architect
  • No on-premise phone system required
  • Seamless computer and mobile integration
  • Phone, fax, and text capabilities
  • Ability to transfer existing phone numbers
  • Improved experience with Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Streamline workflows and integrate with your app ecosystem
  • App installs on desktop and smartphone
  • Call forwarding, call screening, and call recording
  • Easily manage multiple office locations
  • Call monitoring and recording

Microsoft Teams

Get corporate assets out of the inbox and enhance cross-departmental collaboration

  • Planning and implementation of Teams policy and structure to avoid sprawl
  • Dedicated channels with direct messaging and file management keeps mission critical information out of individual’s inboxes
  • Guest and external access setup

Digital Conferencing Solutions

Bring people together to build a strong company

How your employees conduct meetings can be the key to innovation, sales, and success or the path to frustration and inefficiency.

  • No more hacks, double-bookings, or missed opportunities with well-designed, digitally-integrated conference rooms
  • Improve collaboration between on-premises and work-from-home team members
  • Reduce conference call stress and frustration with Bring your Own Meeting solutions from Barco and Logitech
  • Maximize office space with bookable seating options

SharePoint Intranet Best Practices Checklist Download

Sharepoint set up checklist